How does the AMS ball return system work?
Posted On: 19th October 2017

Why Robots?

BigMow - Robot Lawn Mower

Equipment Comparison

Traditional methods of outfield mowing and ball collection, can often be costly and time consuming tasks for many driving range operators. TrueBots are a unique automated alternative to traditional driving range maintenance equipment.

Make Savings

BallPicker collecting golf balls

No Capital Outlay

You only pay a monthly service plan, that provides lawn mowing, ball collection, washing and return to the ball dispenser. The service is designed for golf range owners and is managed by AMS (Automated Managed Services).

What Next?

BigMow Robot Lawn Mower and Ball Picker robot ball collector

Book Your Site Appraisal

Consider leaving behind traditional golf driving range equipment. By switching to TrueBots robot technology you could save money on your driving range outfield maintenance costs. Why not get in touch and book your site appraisal.

Our Robot Technology


Your automated groundskeeper solution to lawn maintenance. Covers up to 20,000 m2


Your automated Ball Picker, can collect balls while the range stays open for business.

No More Chores