Why Are TrueBot Outfield Robots Different?

Traditional Equipment vs Automated Equipment

Range Ball Plan is a cost effective solution allowing driving range facilities to streamline resources, reduce labour costs and improve the health of their outfield. This is all done by eliminating the need for traditional heavy duty, labour intensive, golf ball damaging equipment and replacing it with lightweight outfield friendly automated outfield robots.

Noisy, Heavy & Polluting

Traditional equipment tends to be bulky and heavy, which can damage the health of your outfield in long term. Along with being noisy it can distract golfers and annoy neighbours. They also emit exhaust fumes or odours polluting the environment.

Plugging & Damaging Golf Balls

Balls become plugged due to heavy equipment on the outfield pushing the balls into the ground. Along with the blades from the lawnmower cutting and damaging balls while cutting the grass.

Damaging Outfield Health

Continuous use of heavy equipment, in turn damages the outfield often resulting in soil damage. Which requires costly treatment such as coring.

Costly & Labour Intensive

Traditional equipment require manual operation and also effects driving ranges opening times. All result in labour and equipment maintenance costs, along with lost revenue in having to close the range to perform maintenance tasks.

Lightweight, Quiet & Low Carbon FootPrint

TrueBots BigMow and Ball Picker are lightweight, so do not damage the outfield with frequent use. Are significantly quieter, they emit 10 times less CO2 emissions and the energy cost is three times less than traditional petrol-operated equipment.

Protected golf balls

The Ballpicker doesn’t embed the balls in the ground, so they remain easily retrievable. BigMow has guides that gently push the golf ball out the way so avoids cutting and damaging the ball.

Healthier greener outfields

The lightweight outfield robots do not negatively impact the outfield health unlike traditional equipment. The unique mulching technique of BigMow, means the grass cuttings act as a natural fertiliser. Thus improving the outfields health without chemical intervention.

Minimal human intervention

Overall BigMow and the BallPicker, require roughly 20 minutes maintenance everyday. Allowing personnel to spend their time on more useful and rewarding activities.

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