How It Works

Range Ball Plan is an outfield maintenance service for driving ranges provided by AMS (Automated Managed Services).

What this means is your facility pays a a monthly fee for the balls in your outfield to be collected, washed and returned to the dispenser and for the grass to be cut.

Bigmow And BallPicker

How is it implemented?

The service provided by AMS is carried out by the TrueBot Outfield Robots BigMow and BallPicker. Along with automated ball wash system which washes and returns the balls to the dispenser ready for use.

How much is the monthly cost?

The monthly fee is calculated based on the ball output of your facility, so you only pay fr the balls collected, washed and returned to the dispenser. The grass cutting is not added as an extra fee and is included as part of the service.

How It works range ball plan

Simple Step By Step Process

Signing up to Range Ball Plan is explained in our easy four step process below.

Stage 1

No Obligation Quotation

A meeting is arranged with one of our AMS sales team which calculates a bespoke service plan based on the ball output of the facility.

This means you only pay for the balls BallPicker collects every month, also included in the monthly fee is the grass cutting service performed by BigMow.

The benefits of having your outfield maintenance in a simple monthly payment, means in the busy periods where you have increased ball sales you pay accordingly, therefore in the quieter winter months your payments are substantially reduced.

Stage 2

Site Visit

Once the service plan is agreed. An AMS (Automated Managed Services) specialist examines the area where the autonomous robot will operate, the positioning of the charging station, ball drop zone, obstacles to be avoided, slopes to climb, etc.The specialist confirms how many robots would best suit the circumstances, and submits a site plan and installation requirements.

Stage 3


A boundary wire is installed which  surrounds the outfield and creates a magnetic field that guides the robots. The wire is buried in a discreet channel that is naturally filled in within two or three days without leaving any trace.The ball drop zone which includes the ball return system is installed, along with the required charging stations for each robot.

Stage 4

You Take Control

The AMS technician guides you through the learning phase and hands over control to you.

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