Driving Range Benefits

All in One Profitability – Multiple Savings

TrueBot robot technology provide golf facilities with an autonomous outfield maintenance solution, that can provide several driving range benefits from, cost and time savings to a healthier greener lawn.

Number One - Driving Range Benefits

Tasks Automated

Automation of various labour intensive tasks, meaning no mowing collection or disposal of waste. This is also coupled with no manual ball collection, washing and return to dispenser.

Number Two - Driving Range Benefits

Value For Money

The experience of golf clubs already equipped with TrueBots robots confirms a payback period of less than two years

Number Three - Driving Range Benefits

Increased Opening Hours

No need to close the practice range to carry out maintenance and collect balls. Making for increased revenue for your facility.

Number Four - Driving Range Benefits

Cost Savings

Elimination/reduction of costs associated with the grass maintenance: scarification, coring, irrigation, chemical fertilisers, weed treatment

Number Five - Driving Range Benefits

Better Ball Management

Thousands of balls recovered instead of remaining buried in the ground

Number Six - Driving Range Benefits

Energy Saving

Energy costs three times less than the equivalent combustion machines

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