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The Advantages Of Automated Golf Driving Range Equipment

TrueBots are unique form of golf driving range equipment and require minimal human intervention. The BigMow is an autonomous mower that gives the grass a perfect cut. The BallPicker is a automatic ball retriever that collects balls without interrupting golfers practice or damaging the ball.

BigMow Lawn Mower Robot

30% to 50% Cost Savings

Reduced labour, no fuel, three times less energy, no waste disposal, no machine moving, very little maintenance, more time for you to spend on other tasks, less weed treatment and less watering.

Ball Picker at charging station and ball drop

Streamline Resources

TrueBot robots free you from the chores of mowing and ball collection, leaving owners and maintenance personnel more time for other tasks.

Ball Picker Robot Ball Collector and BigMow Robot Lawn Mower

Environmentally Friendly

TrueBot robots consume 90% less energy. They are also less noisy thanks to their electrical operation. Last but not least, they provide an impressive reduction in CO2.

Exclusive features

Underside of robot lawn mower

Greater cutting width

BigMow robotic mower has a greater cutting width than other lawn mowers, used as golf driving range equipment.
Advantage is more frequent cutting, constantly keeping the grass at its optimum length.

Constant fertilisation of the ground and a reduced need for chemical fertilisers. No more waste collection, storage or disposal.
Stronger grass thanks to better root growth.

BigMow cutting head leaver

Exclusive cutting method

BigMow robotic mower has five floating cutting heads. The floating heads automatically adapt to the configuration of the terrain.

Each head has three stainless steel blades, as sharp as a scalpel, that pulverise the grass into very fine particles.

When an obstacle is detected, the blades retract automatically, eliminating all risk of accidents.

Collects up to 300 balls per cycle

A single Ball Picker has the ability to cover a 30,000m2 and can detect areas in the outfield with high ball density.

It also has a collection capacity of up to 12,500 balls per day per robot.

Drops balls into automated wash and return system

Once the Ball Picker tank is full of golf balls, it returns to its discharge station

In just a few seconds, the balls are emptied into the ball drop zone.

Once emptied the balls are automatically washed and returned to the ball dispenser.

Energy efficient

More Powerful

More power

TrueBots are the most powerful outfield robots of their kind. They have the potential to cover more than 16,000 km/year.

If an obstacle is detected, the robotic mower slows down or stops immediately and then adapts its path.

Battery LifeP04


TrueBot outfield robots are powered by Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries, the latest generation of batteries.

Energy density three items higher than classic batteries.

A much higher number of charging cycles, which increases the longevity.

These batteries supply a higher power and can be charged very quickly (between 50 & 90 min).

Avoids obstacles and finds it way

Avoid Obstacles

Track & Trace

The exclusive TrueBots Track & Trace system immediately alerts the owner and the AMS (Automated Managed Services) control centre by SMS of any operating error or attempted theft.

Via the web interface, the robot manager can download and analyse the operating history. The embedded computer memorises the robot’s activity so that the operating history and productivity can be calculated.

Guidance System

Guidance system

TrueBot Outfield Robots have advanced, exclusive ultra-fine guidance signal filtering technology.

Whatever its operating conditions, the TrueBot will not go off course because of spurious signals (GSM waves, overhead or buried electrical lines, magnetic fields, etc.)

Brushless propulsion and unrivaled quality

Brushless System

Propulsion by brushless motor.

The brushless system prevents mechanical friction, which considerably extends the working life of these motors and eliminates the need for the periodic servicing that classic motors need.  Thanks to these motors, some TrueBot outfield robots cover more than 16,000 km/year.

BigMow brushless system

Build quality that guarantees maximum working life.

Aluminum and stainless steel chassis combining strength, light weight, and stability.

Shielded wheels with metal armour coated with a rubber bond coat, with non-skid treads.

Bodywork made of synthetic materials (ABS or high-density polyethylene, according to the model) colour-impregnated and resistant to ultraviolet radiation. The bodywork is designed to withstand a violent impact such as golf ball strikes. So can withstand the rigors of a busy driving range unlike traditional golf driving range equipment.


Multifield Robot

Operation on different adjacent grounds

TrueBot outfield robots can be programmed to operate according to predefined schedules within different perimeters and on different adjacent grounds.

You can therefore easily segment surface areas into different sections that will be mown or ball collected when you wish..

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