Revolutionizing Outfield Maintenance

TrueBots Automated Driving Range Equipment

The TrueBot outfield robots are a lightweight automated alternative to the conventional heavy duty manual equipment, used for ball collection and outfield lawn mowing.

The Key To A Greener Outfield

TrueBot Outfield Robots Explained

TrueBots are outfield robots that automate the outfield maintenance at driving ranges. The BigMow Robot cuts the lawn with its special mulching technique. Ball Picker Robot collects the golf balls from the outfield and drops them into the wash and return system, which automatically washes and returns the balls to the dispenser.

Ball Picker Robot Ball Collector and BigMow Lawn Mower Robot

Streamline Your Facility Resources

Traditional Equipment vs Robots

Traditional driving range equipment used for outfield maintenance, offer up many constraints that can make using them become chores for many facility owners. The robots offer a cost effective lightweight alternative.  Read more on our equipment comparison.

Tradition Equipment vs TrueBots

Why Switch To Outfield Robots?

How TrueBots Can Benefit Your Facility

TrueBot’s BigMow and BallPicker enable your facility to cut costs and streamline resources. By signing up your golf facility to Range Ball Plan, you can reap the benefits of TrueBots outfield robots provide.

Driving Range Outfield that uses TrueBots

Improve Your Outfield Health

Save Energy – Reduce Your Carbon FootPrint

There are many health and energy benefits of TrueBot Outfield Robots. The outfield robots do not emit any exhaust gases or odours that could harm golfers or neighbours and utilise the same amount of energy as a refrigerator. Their lightweight design means less weight impact on the lawn.

Health Benefits of TrueBots